Sh. Dawud Walid

Yours Truly, Muhammad (PBUH)

Get woke! and know the personality that has inspired billions, by being a global source enduring social justice, spiritual harmony, intellectual revolution, and personal peace.

Ustadh Abdullah Al-Andulusi

Is Jihad Lit?

Want to discover the truth about jihad? Is it just as a personal spiritual practice or is it also an ethical form of conduct during geopolitical and military conflict situations?

Br. Dilly Hussain

Killing Us Softly

How deconstructing Is lamophobia and demystifying Islam leads us to a new global standard for true equal rights to humanity and a more just society.

Sh. Mohamed Yaffa

The Triple Threat

Black, Immigrant, Muslim. Can Islam provide solutions to meaningful and successful integration within our Canadian context?

Dr. Reda Bedeir

Qur’an Burning Doubt

How does the Quran extinguish burning doubts in contemporary society and provide a dependable guide to living life to its fullest?